Build Up Your Telecom Construction Career With Us

For Advanced Integrated Services, our employees are our cornerstone. We’ve been in the business of building reliable work groups since 2002 and we strive to find the very best candidates to fill our open positions, and to expand our company’s foot print. We also believe very strongly that all successful companies promote from within their rank and file. It’s for this reason that we strive to find good natured, grounded people and mold them based on our internal processes, instruction, and on the job training to create the industries future leaders, Project Manager, Integrators, site technicians, etc. If you’re a hardworking individual looking to make a career change, or further your telecommunications career please give us the opportunity to show you what we’re all about. AISI, INC is a challenging and stable place to work and grow. We offer a safe, and organized work environment, and we promote from within.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Installs, erects, maintains, repairs, removes, or retrofits towers and antenna systems (e.g. antennas, microwave dishes, feed lines, ice bridge, etc.), under adverse conditions, high towers, inclement weather, remote sites, etc.
  2. Transports heavy equipment and materials to work locations including remote areas to perform functions of the job using appropriate vehicles (e.g. 4-wheel drive vehicle, trailer, tractor, crane, fork lift, etc.).
  3. Ensures that all company safety procedures are followed to include proper use of safety equipment, PPE, lifts, etc.
  4. Fabricates tower hardware and accessories to maintain, repair, and retrofit towers and antenna systems in order to support communication system operation using fixed and portable power tools and equipment.
  5. Responsible for maintaining hand tools, power tools, vehicles and equipment normally assigned to these projects.
  6. Respond to trouble ticket issues for emergency maintenance work as required or needed.
  7. Prioritize work to maximize time efficiency, meeting or exceeding our customer’s goals.
  8. Operates various construction equipment to install towers and structures while adhering to our internal and all OSHA safety rules. Completion of all company related safety forms, site inspection forms, etc.
  9. Work as a part of a larger crew team, supporting each other, and the goals for each project.

For consideration please submit your work history and contact information to [email protected].